After a slight career detour (training to be a waste water engineer) I decided to follow my passions and re-train.

Art, and more specifically, glass art! Due to lack of facilities within Cornwall I had to learn the process in the old fashioned way, reading books and experimenting. Being self taught allows me to break free of the confines of other peoples techniques and ideas and create my own unique style. I love tactile art so I always create lots of texture in my glass, the extra surface area allows much more light reflection which brings each piece to life.

My workshop has been visited and authenticated by the Made in Cornwall team so you can be sure you are receiving artwork handmade in Cornwall. My homestudio is crammed to the rafters with glass equipment and supplies, photography equipment and packing supplies, there is no room for extra staff, I make everything, by hand, myself!




Covid 19 Pandemic Update

 I have re-opened my website for orders after the Prime Minister urged those who can't work from home to return to work if safe. My studio remains closed to the public for the time being but I can safely go in on my own to carry on with manufacturing.  I will only be posting twice a week rather than every day and with delays in Royal Mail please expect delivery to take a little longer than usual.

Best wishes and stay safe

Claire x