Large Hanger - Dark Aqua Crashing Wave

This sparkling sun catcher uses lots of texture to create a large surface area to reflect light. It can be hung either in a window or against a solid background and because of the texture will still reflect light beautifully. Crushed glass creates a tactile, sea foam effect on this crashing wave. 

It measures approx 24 cm by 6cm and is hung using rustic twine on a heat resistant nichrome hook. Each crashing wave I create is hand cut, so, like real waves, each one is unique in character and colour. This wave is dark iridised aqua with turquoise and light aqua frit to create a lovely contrast. The iridescent glass shimmers in the light with pinks and purples. 

Each piece is fired in a specialist glass kiln in my studio in the heart of Cornwall and my work is influenced by the dramatic scenery surrounding my home. 

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Covid 19 Pandemic Update

 I have re-opened my website for orders after the Prime Minister urged those who can't work from home to return to work if safe. My studio remains closed to the public for the time being but I can safely go in on my own to carry on with manufacturing.  I will only be posting twice a week rather than every day and with delays in Royal Mail please expect delivery to take a little longer than usual.

Best wishes and stay safe

Claire x