Small freestanding wave - Sea scene with Cornish Tin mine engine house.

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This is a freestanding wave. It is handmade in my studio in Cornwall and is inspired by the fabulous coast surrounding my county. Each piece is created using layers of thin coloured bullseye glass with crushed and powdered glass to create detail and texture. It has been fused twice in a specialist kiln for 13 hours each time.  

The texture creates a large surface area to allow reflection and sparkle of the natural light. Each piece is hand cut and created without the use of templates or machinery so no two pieces are identical, they each have their own unique characteristics. Iridised turquoise glass gives the sea a glittery effect as a backdrop to the quintessential Cornish heritage of a tin mine engine house.

The transparent glass allows light to pass through and the slim footprint allows the glass to be displayed on a narrow shelf as well as windowsills. Candles can be lit behind the glass to create a lovely ambience.

It is 6cm tall and approx 23 cm wide. The wave is signed. Each piece is individually handmade and so may vary slightly from the photograph. 

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